Pegaso Family

The Dima Italia cough assistant line (Pegaso A-Cough e Pegaso Plus Cough)


Negavent – Pegaso Vent

Traditional respiratory system still having an effective role (more…)


Extremely innovative non invasive Bipap ventilator (more…)

Luna 100-150

High-tech pressure & volume ventilator (more…)


Portable pressometric and volumetric ventilator (more…)

Michigan Instruments™

Pulmonary simulation (more…)

Action Products©

Operating room positioners and pads (more…)

The importance of Cough Assistance

A new and more effective approach to the therapy is possible today. (more…)

Company profile

Dima Italia is an Italian company based in Bologna, leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing respiratory devices intended for acute and homecare use. Almost 4 decades of experience and the continuous exchange of information with health professionals and ventilator users allowed us to reach highest quality and easy-to-use ther...

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Dima Italia

Our Quality System

Our Quality System

Compliance to quality standards and device reliability are our main focus (more…)
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Interview with CEO

Interview with CEO

"Well done particulars and the idea of helping people to live better make me proud." (more…)
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Our History

Our History

40 years of passion and continuous efforts in researching new solutions. (more…)
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What our Clients Say

Thanks for delivering top quality services to your clients. It just takes a minute to get an answer from you when in difficulties.
Yanetxys Torreblanca
Thank you very much the support team AccessPress Ray for service, are really wonderful in their care and in the resolution of the problem.
David Soriano