Our History

40 years of passion and continuous efforts in researching new solutions.


Dima Italia is founded for the distribution of electronic medical devices and surgery instruments. Its first headquarter is located in Bologna, Via Saragozza 166.


Dima Italia moves to a new location in Bologna, Via Argelati 16, a few steps away from the Sant’Orsola Hospital.


The first Negative Pressure Ventilator, the “Negavent Respirator” is designed.


The production improvement leads the company to move to the larger location of Via Barontini 10 in Bologna.


The serial production of the Negavent Respirator starts and in a brief period of time this ventilator becomes the most selling respirator of its kind on the domestic market. Soon, other models are released until the today’s New Negavent DA-3 PLUS model, the Pegaso V.


Dima Italia extends its product range, obtaining the commercial exclusiveness for the Italian market of the ultrasonographs and ecodoppler of the CME firm (USA).


The first bi-level ventilator, the Multilevel Night&Day ST30, is developed.


Dima Italia also begins to distribute anti decubitus products on behalf of ACTION PRODUCTS (USA) and amplifies its commercial network by designating distributors and agents throughout Italy.


Dima Italia Sas conveys its activity to Dima Italia Srl.


This year is of an extreme importance for the development of the company. The new Positive Volumetric/Pressometric Ventilator model “V-Leonard” is launched not only in the national but also in the international market.
Moreover, Dima Italia Srl introduces a total quality controlled system, certified by UNI CEI ISO 9001:2000 and UNI EN ISO 13485:2002. In addition, all products comply with the specific European Safety rules and are certified according to the 93/42/CEE directive and with the approval of the Notified Body CERMET. In the meantime, Dima Italia continues to commercialize anti decubitus products, for both long illnesses as well as in the operating room, such as the positioning and polymer mattresses, water and air mattresses and disposable parts for ventilators.


Two new ventilators are developed, which become the most selling products of Dima Italia for the following years: the Pegaso Cough, a cough assistant ventilator, and the Multilevel VP, a volume and pressure ventilator.


Dima Italia moves its offices and production site to the new 3.500 sqm premises and continues to design and produce innovative respiratory products, increasing its range with new models, such as CPAP, Multilevel, Pulsoximeters, Oxygen Flow Regulators, Negative and Positive Pressure Ventilators and measurement tools for the pneumological sector such as volume-flux measurers.


Today’s negative pressure ventilator, the Pegaso V is launched on the market.


The new O2 Flow Regulator 106 is released.


Dima Italia launches the first paediatric cough assistant worldwide, the Mini Pegaso, which is portable thanks to its internal battery. Moreover, the current Multilevel ST30 is developed.


Dima Italia receives the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certificate for the production lines Pegaso V and Pegaso Cough and increases exportation to the American market.


The long experience and steady research leads to brand new models, such as Multilevel ST40, a bilevel pressure ventilator with unprecedented technical features. In the second part of 2010 the launch of the successor of the Multilevel VP is programmed, the new Athena, a volume and pressure ventilator of the newest generation.


The new models of Pegaso Cough and Mini Pegaso are released.


Dima Italia celebrates its 35th anniversary!


The new pressure support ventilator Luna is developed and a new model of Athena pressure and volume ventilator is released.


Dima Italia continues its successful strategy of research and development by focusing on planning new devices for Negative Pressure Ventilation and Oxygen Therapy.


An important process of corporate identity restyling starts up and leads to significant technological innovations, such as the development of a brand new corporate multilanguage website www.dimaitalia.com, now fully supporting both desktop and mobile platforms. Also, new device development (IAPV, NPV, Ventilazione Presso-Volumetrica) and the improvement of Export and Marketing activities keep on going ahead.