Interview with CEO

“Well done particulars and the idea of helping people to live better make me proud.”

Mr. Vito Didonna, where does the idea of Dima Italia come from?

Back in the seventies I was working as a medical equipment sales representative with first-hand experience of the needs expressed by physicians and patients. Over the time I developed a great relationship of collaboration and trust with some of those physicians and I decided to establish Dima Italia in 1979. At the beginning I imported advanced medical equipment from abroad, then I decided to develop my own devices for home and hospital care. Back then the medical ventilation industry was at its beginning and the continuous feedback of physicians and users has been pivotal to the development of our devices: the awareness of possible issues is key to finding solutions and creating something new as once was a breakthrough online cialis. This has been the origin of our first device, an innovative negative pressure ventilation called Negavent Respirator: its history of success continuous nowadays with the Pegaso Vent. In 2002 we launched the cough assistant Pegaso Cough, one of our most successful lines. For me developing devices is a mission… my mission is to help patients live in the best possible way.

Quality is one of Dima Italia’s key words: what does it mean for you?

I believe that quality equals guaranteeing the highest reliability because we are dealing with equipment that can be vital. This translates into thorough engineering and development processes and moreover into an in-depth testing phase of the devices in order to ensure the highest dependability: these procedures can last for years.

What winning choices have determined Dima’s success and its protagonist role on the market?

Professionalism. Our technical assistance and competence in tackling and resolving problems. Users and distributors are never left on their own.

What does it mean to be a state-of-the-art company in the medical industry?

Responsibility, as it requires to assure safety and guarantees to the final users or multinationals.

Which device makes you proudest?

More than a particular device it is the single well done particular that makes me proud, the idea of helping people to live better.

What are the prospects for Dima Italia?

The prospects are given by our employees: with a good team Dima Italia can reach any goal. There are collaborators that have been with us for over 25 years. It is up to us to build a great company: the premises are right.