O2 Flow Regulator

O2 Flow Regulator  is the world’s first oxygen regulator that allows to regulate automatically and continuously the oxygen delivery to the patient while constantly acquiring his saturation value.

Based on the O2 saturation value detected and the optimal target value set by the physician, O2 Flow Regulator regulates the quantity of oxygen necessary to reach it and maintain it dynamically.

It is available in two models,  106A and 106A Plus, the latter is currently undergoing clinical trials.

The flow regulator is also suitable as a titration device for long-term oxygen patients and athletes who need oxygen during particular training conditions (learn more here).

Innovative features:

  • O2 Flow regulation
    • from 0 to 10 l/min @2.5 bar (on 106A model)
    • from 0 to 20 l/min @3.5 bar (on 106A Plus model)
  • Masimo Set Techonology, Measure-Through Motion and Low Perfusion Pulse™ Oximetry (only on 106A Plus model)
  • Innovative Design
  • Portable and light weight
  • Connectable to any O2 source, fixed or mobile
  • “Easy Flow 106” software to display SpOand flow values on a PC
  • Homecare and hospital use

Studies and References

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