LunaBelt is the portable pressometric and volumetric ventilator that focuses on the essential, combining the latest technological innovations with a straightforward, easy-to-usefunctionality.

LunaBelt is designed for hospital and home care. Small, light and portable, it offers multiple ventilation modes IV and NIV, in volume and pressure, the last can be combined with the desired target volume.

It is the only ventilator on the market able to perform the IPPV (intermittent abdominal pressure ventilation) ventilation technique, through a dedicated software and the PBAir® interface. IAPV ventilation promotes extra-thoracic NIV ventilation, using no masks, reducing the risk of facial decubitus and improving the life quality of patients.


  • IAPV (intermitent abdominal pressure ventilation)
  • IV (invasive ventilation)
  • NIV (non-invasive ventilation)
  • MPV (mouthpiece ventilation)

The use of PBAir® in synergy with the IAPV software on the Luna device allows lung ventilation of patients with muscle weakness and diaphragmatic paralysis, conditions present in all neuromuscular pathologies.