Dima-Lung is a modern ventilation chamber that works with the negative pressure ventilator Pegaso Vent.

It is the latest milestone in the development of a complete portfolio of accessories for negative pressure ventilation.

The lung is made of lightweight Fibreglass and enables an easy handling by the caregiver.

The patient’s comfort is guaranteed by the mattress and headrest, both made of the exclusive material Akton® viscoelastic polymer. Developed by the US company Action, the Akton® polymer is an extremely body friendly anti-decubitus material that ensures the highest level of wellbeing for the patients that need to stay within the chamber for prolonged hours.

All other components, such as the collar in Gore-Tex® material, are artisan manufactured, 100% made in Italy and were studied in detail by Dima Italia’s research department. This includes a newly designed system that allows to permanently introduce cables/tubing within the chamber without causing air leakages.


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