LunaBelt is a portable and easy to use pressure support and volume ventilator combining the most recent digital technologies for pulmonary ventilators with straightforward usability and functions.

LunaBelt offers a wide range of pressure support and volume modes and can work with invasive and non-invasive interfaces.

Innovative features

  • Multiple ventilation modes
    • IV (Invasive Ventilation)
    • NIV (Non-Invasive Ventilation)
    • MPV (Mouthpiece Ventilation)
    • IAPV (Intermittent Abdominal Pressure Ventilation) through Exsufflation Belt (optional)
  • Mono limb with expiratory valve, or expiratory port
  • External sensor for expiration flow reading (optional)
  • Internal Li-Po battery, allowing an individual therapy up to 10 hours
  • Small and lightweight (4.4 kg including the battery)
  • Colour monitor
  • Encoder technology for an easy and immediate handling
  • Suitable for newborns, children and adults
  • Homecare and hospital usage

Thanks to LunaBelt it is possible to run IAPV (Intermittent Abdominal Pressure Ventilation) in combination with an Exsufflation Belt (available in 4 sizes) and can also operate in mouthpiece and mask ventilation, according with the patient’s needs.

The effectiveness of IAPV is well recognized in the “body ventilation” field as a good opportunity of improving quality of life in many patients with NMD and SCI.

As shown in the right figure, a positive pressure is applied by intermittently inflating a bladder placed around the patient’s abdomen through a corset.

Through this kind of assisted expiration, diagraphm moves upwards until the bladder deflates and passive inspiration occurs by gravity.

IAPV technique is especially indicated for daily ventilation.

Studies and References

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