Mini Pegaso A-Cough Perc

Mini Pegaso A-Cough Perc belongs to the top models of the Pegaso family. It offers Mini Pegaso A-Cough‘s innovative and auto-adaptive cough assistance with a highly efficient percussor device, while operating also with an integrated LiPo battery. This is a unique combination worldwide.

Innovative features

  • Internal battery, which allows an individual therapy up to 3 days
  • New design
  • Easy handling and more lightweight
  • Pressures up to 50 cmH2O, 4 different flow levels in cough modes
  • Auto-adaptive functions
  • Percussor with high frequency ventilation (600 CPM, pressures up to 50cmH2O and I:E ratio)
  • SpO2 monitoring for the control of the pulmonary perfusion (optional accessory)
  • Efficient nebulisation of drugs

The Percussor superimposes high frequency mini bursts of air on the patient’s own respiration and creates a global effect of internal percussion of the lungs.

This therapy is used by children who need Intrapulmonary percussive ventilation which means all patients that suffer from mucus hypersecretion combined with an extreme difficulty in clearing pulmonary secretions.

In these cases, the paediatric Mini Pegaso A-Cough Perc is an indispensable therapy device as it helps to dislodge even thickened mucus from the airways and to move peripheral mucus to the central airways.

It is thus particularly suitable for all children that suffer from:

Moreover it is a recommendable device in combination with the cough assistance therapy (for more details go to the Mini Pegaso A-Cough model)

The combined Percussor and cough assistance therapy ensure an efficient and profound airway clearance in the peripheral and central part of the lungs.

Several cases and studies showed the importance Intrapulmonary percussive ventilation in the following circumstances:

  • for neonatal weaning after mechanical ventilation: following neonatal extubation intrapulmonary percussive ventilation is a safe and effective method of airway clearance, which prevents post mechanical ventilation complications, such as atelectasis.
  • in ICU for the therapy of respiratory distress syndrome  and acute respiratory failure (ARF), when conventional mechanical ventilation fail to provide the necessary improvement
  • for tracheotomised children who frequently suffer from with excessive secretions and who need to remove them regularly

Studies and References

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