Pegaso A-Cough

The newest edition of the Pegaso A-Cough, one of the market leaders for cough assistance, has been completely reviewed in terms of design and technology.

User friendliness, reliability and performance are the key characteristics of this flagship from Dima Italia, which always pursues the utmost benefit of the patients.

The device is suitable for the use at home and in hospital and can be used on infants, children and adults likewise.

Innovative features

  • New design with highest pulmonary technology
  • Easy handling and more lightweight
  • Pressures up to 70 cmH2O, 4 different flow levels
  • Auto-adaptive modes
  • SpO2 monitoring for the control of the pulmonary perfusion
  • Percussion function with positive high frequency ventilation (optional: please refer to the Pegaso A-Cough Perc model)

Since its launch, Pegaso A-Cough introduced a completely different approach to the cough assistance therapy.

It is equipped with a highly sensitive trigger technology which adapts the therapy to the patient’s breathing rhythm, while maintaining an effective cough assistance.

This saves the caregiver time for setting up a patient and significantly reduces the strong and uncomfortable impact of the in-exsufflation when they are not perfectly synchronised with the patient’s inspiration.

Pegaso A-Cough can operate in manual, automatic and auto-adaptive modes.

The new auto-adaptive modes are:

EasyStart function
This function helps to start the cough assistance by synchronising the first insufflation of the in-exsufflation cycle to the patient’s inspiration. The device continues the following cycles in automatic mode with the preset parameters.

AutoSync function
Pegaso A-Cough can also be set to AutoSync function and synchronises each insufflation cycle with the detected inspiration effort of the patient.

Pegaso A-Cough is provided with a highly sensitive trigger technology, suitable for pediatric usage. To adapt the trigger sensitivity to each patient’s demand, from infant (≥ 5 kg) to adults, the trigger can be set to nine different sensitivity levels.

Coughing therapy with Pegaso A-Cough generates a forced insufflation and exsufflation, followed by a zero pressure, thus simulating a “natural” cough on the patient.

Numerous studies prove that cough assistance therapy assists to:

  • clear the lungs from secretions, both in the central and peripherical respiratory tract
  • prevent chest infections and avoid thus frequent hospitalisations
  • remove the secretion with an assisted therapy, which is non invasive and less dangerous than invasive methods
  • more comfortable than traditional invasive suctioning methods

Also tracheotomised patients can gain great benefit from the cough assistance therapy with the Pegaso A-Cough.

Pegaso A-Cough can also be used for respiratory exercises and physiotherapy.

Studies and References

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