The importance of Cough Assistance

A new and more effective approach to the therapy is possible today.

It has become clear, over the last decades, the critical importance of a good bronchopulmonary secretion clearance as respiratory muscles become weaker, especially for people with NMD (NeuroMuscular Disease).

In fact, both the expiratory and inspiratory muscles need attention and an effective assisted cough technique should be advised and taught early as it increases inspiratory capacity and ensures a good PCF (Peak Cough Flow) when it falls below a certain level, especially when manual methods are not sufficient.

A cough assist machine helps patients who cannot cough autonomously in the most effective way as it enhances or replaces natural removal of bronchial secretions. It is a non-invasive device that simulates a natural coughing process and reduces the risk of airway damage as well as the development of further respiratory complications.

This kind of device gradually applies positive pressure to the airway to achieve a good inspiratory lung volume, and then it cycles rapidly to negative pressure to achieve effective expiratory cough flow. The resulting rapid shift in pressure (via mask, mouthpiece or artificial airway) produces a high expiratory flow rate from the lungs, which simulates a cough.

Dima Italia, always in the frontline as for development and production of cough assistance devices, can offer a wide range of solutions for any need of secretion removal; also the thickest mucus can be removed by applying Intrapulmonary Percussive Ventilation through the use of a Percussor (Perc models).

Our offer:

Pegaso A-Cough

The newest edition of the Pegaso A-Cough, one of the market leaders for cough assistance, has been completely reviewed in ...
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Pegaso A-Cough Perc

Pegaso A-Cough Perc is the top model of the Pegaso family, combining innovative and auto-adaptive cough assistance with a highly efficient percussor ...
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Mini Pegaso A-Cough

Mini Pegaso A-Cough simulates the natural cough by applying a positive pressure to the airway, then rapidly going to a negative ...
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Mini Pegaso A-Cough Perc

Mini Pegaso A-Cough Perc belongs to the top models of the Pegaso family. It offers Mini Pegaso A-Cough's innovative and auto-adaptive ...
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